Swimming in the Same Direction: Healthcare Innovation Projects Working Together in Charlotte

Working together to make Charlotte better.

Local organizations have announced a collaboration to help develop and attract talent to the Charlotte area. This “Launch Tower” will be a neutral, non-profit resource center designed to support and promote collaboration among all stake-holders in Charlotte’s healthcare ecosystem. The 5,000+ sq/ft space includes classrooms, conference rooms, work stations, demonstration areas, a podcast room, and a casual networking area. Activities are already being planned and include entrepreneurial classes, pitch competitions, and networking events. In addition, the center will be hosting professional society meetings, continuing medical education programs, and job fairs.

“I am excited about the opportunity this new innovation center provides Novant Health as we collaborate with third parties to explore and test emerging solutions to improve the patient experience.”

--Angela Yochem, executive vice president and chief digital and technology officer at Novant Health

“The Society of Physician Entrepreneurs (SoPE) is going to work collaboratively with this innovation center to improve healthcare by promoting innovative and entrepreneurial thinking among the medical community.”

--Justin Favaro, MD, SoPE chapter leader and President of Oncology Specialists of Charlotte

“The Innovation Center would allow DHIT a critical anchor space in the Charlotte ecosystem. This is a strategically important initiative that ensures active collaboration across North Carolina and leverages the presence of an ever growing community of game changers, status-quo challengers, and health transformers to help bring a global supply chain of best-in-class talent and technologies to individuals and communities starting here, in North Carolina.”

--Tracy Ball, Charlotte Director for Digital Health Institute for Transformation

Local start-up companies get a boost.

Adjacent to the space is Mito Station, which will have a minimum 20,000 sq ft of co-working space with capacity for at least 100 healthcare start-ups, C-Suite offices, and service providers in the healthcare space.

“Innovation centers have value not just for entrepreneurs looking for commercialization, they are a safe place for organizations to run experiments and iterate on projects, and they’re an important investment for companies that have rigid approaches or that work in highly regulated industries like Healthcare. I see [this] becoming a great resource for Charlotte Healthcare startup community and for established companies allowing them to access forms of innovation that are difficult or impossible to produce internally.”

--Sasha Cahill, Serial Healthcare Technology Entrepreneur and Strategist

“This innovation center will fit in perfectly with the medical school and our healthcare-focused co-working space. Charlotte is going to become a healthcare innovation powerhouse over the next decade!

--Eric Kirsch, CEO Mito Station

“The establishment of a healthtech incubator will support startups and founders with access to mentors, investors, and a community of innovators that are focused on bringing world class products and solutions to market.”

--Jon A. Corkey, Founder of Amissa

"Charlotte has all the infrastructure and talent to be the next health-tech hub in the US. The challenge to date has been finding this talent and the helpful resources for startups like mine. The innovation center will solve this problem and is the first step to building out this ecosystem. We are thankful to have the opportunity to be apart of this community. Any additional support of this program and initiative would be impactful for not only my startup but dozens of other startups like mine, and most importantly the thousands of lives that will be positively impacted with the advancements of our life-saving technologies."

--Dalton Shaull, Founder of OmniLife

Companies from around the world will be coming to Charlotte.

The center will also provide the work-space for health tech start-up companies from around the world, through a partnership with the IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator. This program takes hundreds of applications from around the world and selects 30 companies per year to come to Charlotte to develop their start-ups. Charlotte’s world renowned QC Fintech Accelerator is also getting into the health tech and insure tech space and is developing a collaboration with the innovation center.

“Charlotte built a world-class fintech reputation through corporate collaboration. I have no doubt that Charlotte will be just as successful with healthtech.”

--Nat Clarkson, Managing Partner QC Fintech Accelerator

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