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Mito Station Limited Membership


Mito Station is the brand for the building at 1431 Elizabeth. It is a private club for people who want to celebrate entrepreneurship in the Charlotte area in a social atmosphere.

Guests may be required to show a valid state-issued ID upon request. An annual membership fee is required for membership. On occasion, this membership fee will be waived for special dinners and promotions. Mito Station reserves the right to deny entrance to anyone, member or guest who displays inappropriate behavior or appears intoxicated. Memberships is valid for 5 years. All membership applications must be approved by the membership committee. Membership is subject to revocation. Any violation of venue rules and/or North Carolina State ABC laws by any member or their guests will result in suspension or revocation of membership. By becoming a member of Mito Station you agree to be updated via email about upcoming events either sponsored by or located at the venue. You may opt-out of email updates at any time upon your request.

Limited memberships are restricted to certain areas, times, and activities of the facility. 

• Membership fee is $1.00.

• Members must be properly dressed with shoes and shirts.

• Members may be any age.

• Alcoholic beverages will only be served to members who are aged 21 or older.

• Children must be supervised.

• Mito Station is not liable for injury, theft or damages of any kind.

• Each member may bring up to five guests unless a member has rented the venue for private events. That member may then bring guests up to maximum occupancy.

• During special events some outside food and beverages may be allowed and will be posted as such.

Members may upgrade their membership through written request to Mito Station management. 


Mito Station is a DBA for Mito Holdings, LLC.

North Carolina law defines a private club as “an establishment that is organized and operated solely for a social, recreational, patriotic or fraternal purpose and that is not open to the general public, but is open only to the members of the organization and their bona fide guests.”

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